Почему некоторых румов нет в списке румов айпокера

  1. TTR

    TTR Команда форума

    Сообщения: 29.266
    Симпатии: 2.603
  2. nedoboi


    Сообщения: 854
    Симпатии: 179
    Mansion тоже нету))))
  3. Batishev


    Сообщения: 88
    Симпатии: 21
    Ну ТТР ты выдал :) стыдно должно быть тебе.

    Их нет в АйПокере, потому что они в TAIN.

    Раньше TAIN была сетью и пришла в айпокер как сеть.

    Если ты нажмешь на TAIN, то сможешь увидеть эту надпись:

    Tain: Poker is a totally independant "Cage licensee", providing access to the iPoker Network for more than 10 different card rooms today. We are also continuosly adding more and more card rooms to our cage, so if free choice is your bag, check us out!

    Tain cardrooms:

    • Betfold
    • Betfriends
    • BetnGo
    • Cash is King
    • CBMpoker
    • Chocolate poker
    • Holland poker
    • Offside poker
    • Parimatch
    • Pokerducks
    • Pokerhuis
    • Propaganda poker
    • XLbet poker

    There is power in unity, we figured. So when we migrated the Tain: Poker Network to iPoker in Feb 2007, we decided to keep our licensees under one roof, or cage as it is called in the business.

    Our support is world class, and of course, we also have one of the industry’s best security and fraud detection teams to ensure fair play.

    Tain: Poker does not operate our own poker room, instead we in turn have more than 10 different poker rooms in our cage allowing the players total freedom of choice.

    Tain is an established software gaming solutions provider characterised by integrity and reliability. Since 1999 Tain has provided solutions that build successful gambling businesses.

    We are a European Union company, based in Malta and Stockholm We are fully licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

    At www.tainpoker.com, you can easily find the card room of your choice and start playing within minutes. It is also the starting point if you are interested in doing business with us.

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  4. TTR

    TTR Команда форума

    Сообщения: 29.266
    Симпатии: 2.603
    Не, понятно что была ТАЙН, так а почему сейчас же они айпокер и нет на айпокер сайте?
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