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    - Последние версии и апдейты HM2

    А, не подскажите почему HM2 не обновляется последнее время самостоятельно. Обновлялся, обновлялся, а вот с начала июня перестал.
  3. helios


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    - Последние версии и апдейты HM2

    у меня версия
    при нажатии check for update грит, что у меня последняя версия.
    форумные обновления и оф. версии это не одно и то же видимо?
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    - Последние версии и апдейты HM2

    такая же фигня:bc:
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    - Последние версии и апдейты HM2

    Потому что не было официальных релизов, только форумные, заканчиваем флудить.
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    - Последние версии и апдейты HM2

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    R1a нравится это.
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    - Последние версии и апдейты HM2

    тут было последнее форумное обновление(много изменений каких то, кандидат в релизы): ставить пока не рекомендую
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    R1a нравится это.
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    - Последние версии и апдейты HM2


    Active sessions
    HM-4772 Minimum time between sessions doesn't affect Active Sessions tab

    HM-290 Can Not Exit HM2 during Backup
    HM-290 Add message box to warn user that backup cannot be stopped
    HM-5114 HM2 doesn`t delete HH files from %appdata%\Temp after DB update
    HM-5142 Database updater: Unfix and then Fix doesn't return the original state of the DB
    HM-5190 Cancelling import doesn't allow you to fully cancel the import
    HM-5246 Purge not working - fixed
    Add loading dialog to DB Manager
    Run Database Updater to fix inconsistencies with raise stats

    HM-3376 PokerStars: Fifty50 EV / Import
    HM-3537 Luck adjusted winnings wrong in graph
    HM-4078 HM1 vs HM2 HU SNG EV Issue
    HM-2681 SNG EV off compared with HM1
    HM-4078 HM1 vs HM2 HU SNG EV Issue
    HM-4381 Stars HYPER SNG with incorrect Winnings or missing EV
    HM-4608 Stars.fr HYPER SNG with incorrect Winnings or missing EV
    HM-4632 Tourney EV differs in HM2 and HM1
    HM-4116 Stat Issue "Avg All-in EV%" shows incorrect value with multiple hands in Races report
    HM-4193 HM2: EV bug in graphs
    HM-4381 Stars HYPER SNG with incorrect Winnings or missing EV
    HM-4482 $EV and $ICM diff columns shows same values for all tournaments

    HM-4923 Active sessions - Filter all reports to this session needs refresh before reports are updated
    HM-5040 Active Session - Filter all Reports to this Session = between 1/1/0001 12:00 am and 1/1/0001 12:00 am
    HM-5134 PokerStars Zoom / Full Tilt Rush show as fast in reports but as rush in filters - solved
    HM-5233 Combining Board Texture Filters should also allow AND to combine filters.
    HM-5235 Filters - Hole Cards (HoldEm) Tab / "Only Get Hands with Known Hole Cards" Check Box
    HM-4936 Omaha Filter: Hole Cards Omaha - Hand Contains Ace Filter Not Working Properly
    HM-4638 Effective Stacksize > x returns hands with players who have < x bb

    HM-120 Tourney graph showing 0.01 loss in tourney graph
    HM-5049 Tournament Graph is way of Report-Results when Handhistory is requested
    HM-5084 Graph winnings and no of tourneys different to reports
    HM-5226 Tournament Graph with Luck Adjusted Winnings (EV) don´t match reports
    HM-988 Some upgrades to the graph speed and usability

    Hand Viewer
    HM-3549 Hand Viewer: wrong positions order
    HM-4135 Hand Viewer Shows nothing/ is Blank
    HM-5062 Hand viewer is empty when live play and in replayer
    HM-5074 Hand Viewer shows 0.00 for player name and does not switch hands when new hand is added during live play
    HM-5076 Hand Viewer shows wrong amounts when using non US culture settings
    HM-5191 HH Viewer shows fold text cut-off
    HM-2831 Feature: Deleting Alias / Hands should be confirmed - fixed

    HM-3366 Main Popup Does Not Update in HM2
    HM-4094 Clicking on Top Hand in Summary Hud opens Hud Settings
    HM-4892 Popups shown on wrong screen layer
    HM-5075 Pacific / 888 Poker 40 Man MTT/SNGs - 8 Max Tables Recognised As 10 Max
    HM-4980 fixes Logging for 4569
    HM-4937 Big Popups will Open Outside of Monitor
    HM-5031 HUD: Badges with rendering-problems
    HM-5042 Poker stars Zoom HUD does not work after update
    HM-5058 Include new Blitz.dll in build Updating Blitz.dll for Zoom
    HM-5075 Pacific / 888 Poker 40 Man MTT/SNGs - 8 Max Tables Recognised As 10 Max
    HM-5117 Table Finder Needed for HUD to Work on Merge Bad Beat Jackpot Tables
    HM-5118 Table Finder Needed For Merge SNGs and Mtts
    HM-5016 Default_Postflop Popup Has Check Raise Turn (CRT) Stat When It Should Be Check Raise Flop (CRF)
    HM-5106 Merge 6.0: No HUD for HM1 or HM2 without using the Table Finder
    HM-5112 Merge 6max Seating Preferences Are Not Correct in HM2
    HM-5225 Pop-up confg issue: Postflop popup has wrong stat and shows **CR flop as PFR**
    HM-5197 .NET Error When Moving HUD Panel Around
    HM-4639 Tournament HUD/import not working at Everleaf
    HM-5166 Table Finder Need For HUD on Merge Run It Twice Tables
    Adding Badges = Black Stripe on Left Side of HUD

    Leak Buster update - NLHM and PLO
    HM-3540 LeakBuster PDF files don't open or download

    Notecaddy Update v2.4.0.9

    HM-2120 HM2 crashes after deleting license file
    HM-2527 HM2 only restarts on Monitor #1 of multi-monitor systems
    HM-3392 First Start-up on Installation = Crash
    HM-3834 EULA Update
    HM-4366 No hands in reports after extended HM2 trial is over - Fixed
    HM-4559 HM account details are not saved after restart
    HM-4687 Live Tracking settings for Replayer and Ipoker are not saved
    HM-4940 Ipoker cashier crashes when HM2 is running
    HM-5035 Log enhancement - include build # at top of log.txt
    HM-5044 Log enhancement - allow user to selectively turn on logging based on features
    HM-5107 Crash when closing HM
    HM-5059 Add new Lock Poker Hand History path to Auto Import Auto-Detect
    HM-5147 Add "spyware" to list of excluded auto-import folders.
    HM-5156 Crash when clicking FAQ in Settings > International Sites
    HM-5147 Add "spyware" to list of excluded auto-import folders.
    HM-5190 Fix import pause/cancel/resume from status bar.
    HM-5216 non English characters - characters being added to name upon restart (for postgreSQL 9.1)
    HM-4940 Ipoker cashier crashes when HM2 is running
    HM-4697 Sessions always has weird breakdowns the first time you go to the report, goes right after refresh
    HM-4752 No hands get uploaded to MYHM from HM2 or twitter
    HM-4752 No hands get uploaded to myhm.com or twitter - fixed md5 issue with HM.com password
    HM-4754 Crash when update under XP - Reduce buffer size for downloading auto-update file
    HM-5081 Site time adjustment don't accepts decimals
    HM-4518 Crash due to windows theme

    HM-5071 Need to fix having 2 log files in roaming
    HM-5073 HM.exe process hangs on exit if you go to HM Apps> Note Caddy while Note Caddy is disabled

    HM-3109 Date Range filter in Opponents not bringing up correct hands
    HM-3167 Game filters frozen in Opponents>Summaries
    HM-4949 Clicking Multiple Players in Opponents > Summaries = Lag

    HM-1453 Stars turbo imports as regular speed
    HM-2799 Fix EV calculation during auto-import + Recompute tournament IcmAdjustedWinnings after import
    HM-2870 Cake PLO8 problems: Cash and MTT - Fixed
    HM-2920 Party Poker $6 HU Speed SNG Wrong Rake
    HM-3074 Pokerstars Import Errors with hands sent from support
    HM-3365 Pokerstars.fr needs rake/vpp adjustment
    HM-3283 csv-export headline over more than one line
    HM-3424 Cake DON´s and SNGs wrong buyin + rake
    HM-3509 ipoker.it - PLO Hands imported as FL Omaha
    HM-3528 PS SuperTurbo incorrect speed shown
    HM-4104 Merge High Stakes Tournament Not Recognized by HM2
    HM-4152 Winamax.fr Rake wrong calculated
    HM-4156 import of large hand files don´t work (exported from HM1)
    HM-4192 Importing this hh, then changing the name of the file, or removing the 0 in the hand #'s imports duplicates.
    HM-4231 Stars Playmoney SNG imported
    HM-4292 Datamined Party HH file not imported
    HM-4444 hand date format changes in "Sessions by day" after marking hand
    HM-4523 Import from PT4 - Merge
    HM-4528 Merge Import Error
    HM-4530 Cake R/A tourney do not write rebuys
    HM-4610 Party Poker - New SNG-Format - missing Winnings
    HM-4751 Merge MTT Import is not correct
    HM-4610 Party Poker - New SNG Format missing winnings
    HM-4691 Emailed handhistories containing zoom and nonzoom hands do not import correctly.
    HM-5150 iPoker Double Archiving
    HM-5174 Cake PLO10 Hi 6max hands don't import
    HM-5207 HM2 doesn't show all hands from a tourney - HM1 does
    HM-4877 Import Errors on PokerStars For Players With • In Name
    HM-4891 Fix Cake playmoney importing
    HM-5069 Import errors with some party hands
    HM-5095 Crash when import hands sent by Stars
    HM-5077 Merge 6.0 Hand History changes
    HM-4976 Import of HM1 ipoker database is not working
    HM-4984 Problem with importing hands
    HM-5198 Not all imported tournaments show and hand counts are wrong until after restart
    HM-5228 Tournament Hand Importing Errors
    HM-5176 Cake rake off - now using the dealt method
    HM-2793 Party poker.fr uses wrong rake method

    Player Analysis
    HM-3496 Omaha Hi Hands Showing As Hi/Lo in Player Analysis

    HM-3441 Popups shown partially outside the monitor
    HM-4898 Main Popup missing the Notes-Popup after Restart

    HM-4707 Replayer HUD Positions Wrong
    HM-5014 Replayer able to export only first 27 hands

    HM-2681 SNG EV off compared to HM1
    HM-3475 Add hand class SubSiteName for all the various pokersite.xx skins
    HM-4732 Pacific tournaments speed wrong- shows NONE
    HM-5039 Date Range > Custom Date Range improvements
    HM-5180 Hand Grid in Popout Player Details Window = Soft Freeze in HM2

    HM-2630 Incorrect Icons Show in Scanner
    HM-3029 scanner not recognizing when i sit at a table on 888
    HM-3151 Join not working right on Pokerstars
    HM-3335 Scanner Format for Table has no effect on Everest
    HM-4640 Friend system improvements, "Buddies" replaced with "Fish"
    HM-4713 Table Scanner Feature Request - Import Buddies/Regulars/Friends Lists From HM1 to HM2 and Export from HM2
    HM-4901 Table Scanner - column score is shown two times in Tablecolors
    HM-4961 When creating a new profile it should be selected by default
    HM-4962 Scanner resizing is tied to the summary window
    HM-5019 Table Scanner - Profiles can´t deselect (and Stakes)
    HM-5126 Table scanner - not detecting all tables on 888 ( Lucky Ace )
    HM-5164 Table Scanner - Ladbrokes Lobby Not Scanning ( Prima / Microgaming )
    HM-5165 Table Scanner - Unibet Lobby Not Scanning ( Prima / Microgaming )
    HM-5125 Table Scanner - PartyPoker.es Lobby Not Detected
    HM-5185 Table Scanner - Filter For Table Score Not Working
    HM-5210 Table Scanner - Ongame PLO / PLO8 Tables Not Scanning
    HM-5201 Table Scanner - Filter For Waitlist Not Working During Client Side Scan
    HM-5209 Table Scanner - Scanner not working with Merge 6.0
    HM-5046 Table Scanner – score profile lost information on edit

    HM-5129 Autodetect time doesn`t work correctly for Microgaming network.
    HM-5168 Double Clicking on Up or Down on Scroll Bar causes Crash in Auto Rate Rules
    HM-5171 Hud Options - Change Aphabetical Ordering text to "Search Stats"

    HM-4499 New Stat: BB/hr
    HM-4866 Stat calculation change: counting raise opportunities when we cannot actually raise vs All-in
    HM-4549 Stat fix: Donkbet opportunity in multiway pots
    HM-4579 Stat fix: River Call Efficiency should use effective stack vs All-in
    HM-4630 Stat fix: TOT Raise vs 1 Limper
    HM-4925 Stat fix: vsHero CBet opportunities in Raised and 3Bet Pots
    HM-4914 Stat fix: Flop Fold to CBet - 4Bet Pot
    HM-4950 Stat fix: Flop Fold to CBet - 3Bet Pot in Squeezed pots
    HM-5092 Stat fix: Turn CBet opportunities not correctly detected in 4bet pots
    HM-5183 Stat fix: Site Specific: 3Bet Is Showing As 100% on Prima
    HM-4941 Popup: CBet Success - 3Bet Pot and Raised Pot use same abbreviation in popup designer
    HM-4948 Popup: CO and BTN Fold to 3Bet vs EP Hero use same abbreviation in popup designer
    HM-4985 Popup: Flop Donk Bet 3Bet Pot vs 1 Opp and Flop Donk Bet vs 1 Opp use same abbreviation in popup designer
    HM-5033 Table Stats: Fold to 3bet can now be added
    HM-5053 Category: Report stats SB Steal and SB Steal Success are now in Steal category
    HM-2172 New stats: added vsSqueeze stats

    Свежее 7149
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  14. Kriga


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    1 человеку нравится это.
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  16. D}I{OH


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    - Последние версии и апдейты HM2

    Напоминаю, что это всё "форумные" обновления, и ставить последние, начиная с 7125 рекомендую только, если Вы уже ставили её(от 7125 до 7164) и у Вас есть проблемы при реимпортировании базы, потому что других критических изменений начиная с 7125 нет.
  17. Kriga


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    - Последние версии и апдейты HM2

    7172 - в билде были обнаружены серьезные баги.
    Рекомендуется откатится до 7164.
    Последнее редактирование: 27 июл 2012
  18. Тимур979


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    - Последние версии и апдейты HM2

    Люди добрые, объясните малограмотному человеку, как правильно произвести обновление и какую версию выбрать, среди предложенных ( у меня ), буду очень признателен. НМ2 у меня крякнутый, если что..
    Последнее редактирование: 3 авг 2012
  19. kondrattt


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    Тимур979 нравится это.
  20. Kriga


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